How to make nail stickers

Learn how to make nail stickers at home with simple materials and techniques. Express your unique style and add a fun twist to your nail art with personalized DIY nail stickers.

I used to love buying nail decals and 3d nail stickers because they were such an easy way to jazz up a plain nail polish job. I just learned a way to make your own home nail decals & wanted to share with you! It's an awesome alternative to doing hand-painted nail art on your nails. You can work on a flat surface instead of on your nails & you don't have problems with applying on your dominant hand! So your left hand & right hand nails will be equally neat :) Check it out! All you need are…

Rose Locke
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Bold or natural, mate or shiny, the way you take care of and wear your nails tell something about you and your personality. Sometimes the nail polish you wear affects your mood and if you want to go for a natural looking manicure try out this tutorial. It’s a great way to look neat and […]

Nanc Stubbs
Indian Ocean Polish: How To Make Your Own Nail Decals Tutorial

Tonight I tried a new technique I recently came across on and then also on and beaching nails. - How to create your own nail decals! This is where you pre-prepare a design for your nails on a plastic sheet or baking/wax paper, and then transfer it to your nails. There's so many pros about this technique I'll have to make a list! I find it much easier painting onto a sandwich bag or baking paper than it is painting onto my nails... Probably because you don't…

Cheryl Berry