How to paint portraits in acrylic

Learn how to paint stunning portraits in acrylic with these step-by-step techniques and tips. Discover the secrets to capturing the essence and emotion of your subjects with this versatile medium.
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7 Portrait Painting Tips From The #30faces30days Challenge

7 portrait painting tips plus one bonus tip that will help you the next time you paint a portrait. From squinting to simplify shapes to a 3 step process for painting wrinkles, there is a little nugget of knowledge for just about any aspiring artist.

Bonnie Levy
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portrait painting techniques - Ben Lustenhouwer shows his approach.

portrait painting techniques. Ben Lustenhouwer shows his portrait painting techniques. In a serie of photographs a step by step approach is shown.

Roy Ysmael
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How to paint vibrant portraits

Learn the art of creating vibrant and expressive portraits. Explore techniques to infuse life, emotion, and color into your artistic representations of people.