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Get inspired by the fashion of District 12 from the Hunger Games. Discover the top outfits that capture the essence of this iconic district and show off your love for the series.
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Hunger Games Chariot Outfits by Windnstorm on DeviantArt

Description Here's a brief look at my series that I did for tumblr! 12 District outfits for the Opening Ceremonies of the HUNGER GAMES! Inspired by the book series You can see them all on my tumblr: [link] and please make sure to vote to sponsor me in a Hunger Games RP that I'm participating in: Go here: [link] and type in "Lance from D10" You have to have a tumblr to do it, but if I get 100 sponsors, I'll draw a D13 outfit! Also make sure to follow my tumblr for constant updates! (PS make…

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District 12 Azura Outfit | ShopLook

(this is for my Hunger games Au) Azura has always been gratful for the little she has in district 12 her family she has found and the work she is able to do, the day of the reaping for the 75th hunger games has arrived and her life is about to change. Discover outfit ideas for everyday made with the shoplook outfit maker. How to wear ideas for vintage gold heart necklace and paper

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Sartorial Lit: Lessons from The Women of District 12

Sartorial Lit is a feature at Novel Days that combines fashion with fiction. One of the most striking aspects of The Hunger Games film is it's attention to fashion. Most are in awe of the bizarre garments donned by the citizens of The Capitol, or custom costumes conceived by Cinna. But I was most drawn to the simplistic nature of those warn by the citizens of District 12. Even as District 12 is a stark portrayal of hardship, it carried for me a nostalgic beauty that shined through the…

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Chariot costumes

Chariot costumes were outfits created by stylists and worn by tributes during the chariot rides. These outfits were themed after their districts' main industries.[1] The 50th Hunger Games was the second Quarter Quell, so as a cruel twist, twice the number of tributes were reaped for the Hunger Games: two boys and two girls from each district, for a total of 48.[3] In the parade, Haymitch Abernathy, Maysilee Donner, and the two other unnamed tributes from 12— one male and one female— all wore…

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