Ina beef stew

Indulge in the rich flavors of Ina beef stew with these delicious recipes. Try these comforting dishes to warm your soul and satisfy your taste buds today.
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This classic hearty Beef and Tomato Stew is loaded with tender beef, melt in your mouth potatoes, veggies and fresh herbs! Perfect cozy recipe for a chilly weekend at home and can easily be made in your instant pot, slow cooker or even right on the stove!

Teresa Kelts
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I've been wanting to make a beef stew for months now. It just seems like the ultimate winter comfort food. Problem was I'd never made a beef stew before, and since the ingredients are so costly, I wanted to be sure to make a good one. I know I can always count on Ina Garten when it comes to recipes. She never lets me down. Ina has two beef stew recipes. The first one is her Ultimate Beef Stew, and it differs from her other recipes in that it uses short ribs, Cognac, fennel, and pancetta. The…

Adele Gargano
Ina's Beef Barley Soup Ina Garten Beef Barley Soup, Ina Garten, Sipping Soup, Beef Barley Soup Recipes, Ina Garden, Easy Casseroles, Barley Recipe, Beef Barley, Beef Barley Soup

My mother made barley soup for as long as I can remember and when she was no longer able to do much cooking, it was my turn to keep my parents supplied with their favorite soup. I confess, I got mighty sick of barley soup as I made it for them for many years. My sister makes a great barley soup too (she's the world's best soup maker, as you've read here many times) and while I thought I'd never, ever! make barley soup again, after reading Ina's recipe, I gave in and decided to give it one…

Barbara Williams