Indian dosa recipe

Learn how to make authentic Indian dosa with our easy-to-follow recipes. Explore a variety of dosa options and create a flavorful and satisfying meal for your family and friends.
Make super crispy Masala Dosa at home with this step by step recipe! Best enjoyed with sambar and coconut chutney! #indianfood #vegetarian

Make restaurant style crispy Masala Dosa at home with this step-by-step recipe! Pair with sambar and chutney for a comforting meal.

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A properly made crisp and savory Indian dosa is wonderfully delicious, and fairly simple to make at home, with this caveat: the batter must be fermented overnight for the correct texture and requisite sour flavor. However, once the batter is ready, it can be refrigerated and kept for several days, even a week. With a traditional spicy potato filling, dosas makes a perfect vegetarian breakfast or lunch. Serve them with your favorite chutney.

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Potato Masala For Dosa recipe is is a combination of boiled potatoes and sautéed onions spiced with chilies, potato bhaji is the stuffing used in masala dosa. Potato masala is a nice compliment for any kind of dosa.