Indian feather tattoos

Express your individuality with stunning Indian feather tattoo designs. Discover the symbolism behind these tattoos and find inspiration for your next meaningful ink.
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Feather tattoos have gained popularity in recent years. With a multitude of styles and designs on offer, it’s not hard to see why feather tattoos are such a fashionable choice for tattoo enthusiasts everywhere. Black and Grey or Vibrant Color Feather tattoos can be done in black and grey ink, a medium that promotes realistic ... Read more

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Feather Tattoo designs get their inspiration from the Native American warriors who used to wear them with armbands around the biceps hence are ideal for men. Ladies, on the other hand, can choose colorful feather designs, watercolor, peacock feathers or those that incorporate feminine themes. Birds require air to fly. Hence a feather tattoo can depict spiritual links between heaven and earth or power of the gods. People also choose feather tattoos depending on the traits of the bird.

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