Indian vegetarian dishes

Explore a variety of mouthwatering Indian vegetarian dishes that will satisfy your cravings. From traditional curries to flavorful street food, discover the best recipes to try at home.
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A North Indian Thali is a delicious platter in which various dishes of a typical North Indian style meal are served together on a metal plate (thali). It is a complete meal in itself that serves all the nutrients required for a balanced diet. The typical dishes of a North Indian Thali include dal (lentil), rice, vegetable curry, roti (flat bread), dahi (yogurt), papad, salad, a small amount of chutney or pickle and a sweet dish. My North Indian thali is a pure vegetarian platter where i have…


Recipe video above. Vegetable fritters can be so bland and uninspiring ... but not in the hands of Indian cooks! Pakoras are a traditional Indian street food made with all sorts of vegetables. I've used onion, potato and caulifloiwer, but see Note 5 for other options. Serve as starter for an Indian menu, light meal or pass around as canapes. They're gluten free and vegan so everybody can enjoy them!Spiciness: Mild. Large chillies are not that spicy, and we are using 2 across lots of pakoras…

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