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Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of ink paintings. Discover breathtaking masterpieces and get inspired to create your own unique artwork with ink.
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Download this Ink Antiquity Landscape Traditional Chinese Painting, Artistic Conception, Retro, Ink Painting illustration image that can be used as background or wallpaper in form of with size for totally free. Explore more illustrations, vectors, templates and graphics on Pngtree.| 4117646

Rosalind Lo
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Hello, Little Miss Sunshine here. As an artist myself, I feel it necessary to pay homage to some of the artists who inspire me. Since the name of my blog is Rainy Day Crafts, my first post is dedicated to artist Andre Kohn. He has a magnificent collection of drawings and paintings, focusing on human subjects during rainy days. Although all of his paintings are breathtaking, I am more captivated by his drawings. Below are a few of my favorite. To view his entire collection, visit his website…

Stefanie _schulteis
Dreamy New Ink Paintings of Ghostly Felines and Chickens by Endre Penovac Art Drawings, Cat Art, Draw, Feline, Drawings, Ilustrasi, Kunst, Resim, Fine Art

Artist Endre Penovác (previously here and here) depicts mysterious cats and ethereal roosters with a carefully perfected watercolor technique using diluted inks. Instead of trying to control his brushstrokes, Penovac seems to let the medium run amok across the canvas as it bleeds in every direction, and yet even these happy accidents result in precisely rendered paintings. Seen here is a collection of paintings from the last year or so, but you can see more originals and prints on Saatchi…


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