Interior design vocabulary

Expand your interior design knowledge with these essential vocabulary terms. Learn the language of design and enhance your understanding of the industry.
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When you realize how many different types of window designs exist, why they exist, what their applications are and how each type of window is used, you may find them more fascinating than you realized!

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Architect [Lingo] Bingo by @Bob Borson - fun and interesting way to get with the lingo! Just heard one last night in a Q&A I had never heard - "pedagogy" I'll keep an on going list to add to more cards! lol Interior Design Vocabulary, Interior Design Concepts, Interior Ideas, Architect Quotes, The Letter Y, Vocabulary Exercises, Science Words, Architecture Student, Sustainable Architecture

If you want to be an architect, you have to speak in a certain way because if you don't ... no one will believe you or take you seriously. Architects tend to be overly specific and use words rarely uttered by regular human beings during the course of normal conversations.

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When I first started working in an interior design office, there were words that were being used that I had no idea what they meant, but I also didn't want to ask in case I looked stupid. True story. There were a lot of words that I was embarrassed to not know. But no f

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