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Explore the inspiring stories and resources that showcase the strength and resilience of Iraqi women. Discover how they are making a difference in their communities and find resources to support their empowerment.
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Whether it be through putting limitations to access to education, unequal pay and opportunities, or now restricting them from rights to their own bodies, the world, for women, is not without a road with thorny hurdles. Awarding hope, courage and change through her work, as she walked through these hurdles, was one such artist, Layla Ali Sadiq Al-Attar. From left to right: Layla Al-Attar. Image courtesy of Old Iraqi Pictures []. Layla…

Sara Ibrahim
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FEMALE COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER IN SADDAM'S ARMY: Historical reenactment / living history photo. This unique photo portrays a female member of the Regular Iraqi Army, circa 1991. From 1980 to 1991, female volunteers were an important part of the Iraqi military under the presidency of Saddam Hussein...

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