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Explore the incredible journey of J Fox and discover the secrets behind his legendary career. Get inspired by his determination and achievements in the entertainment industry.
Michael J. Fox on Revealing Parkinson's Diagnosis in 1998: 'I Didn't Want to Put It Out There' People, Fox, Guys, J Fox, Michael, Reveal, A Good Man, Actors, Michael J

Michael J. Fox’s first big story in People, in 1985 around the release of Back to the Future, concluded, “Nice guys, it seems, can finish first.” The same sentiment has been repeated many times since, including his most recent cover in 2022, where he encouraged kindness. “I haven’t tried to be a nice guy,” says Fox, 62. “It’s easier to be nice than to be a jerk.” Still, his actions speak louder than those words: The Michael J. Fox Foundation, created by the actor in 2000, has raised nearly…

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