Jade bangle

Enhance your style with a stunning jade bangle bracelet. Discover the elegance and significance of jade in creating a timeless and fashionable accessory for any occasion.

Jade refers to both jadeite and nephrite. When people use the word, jade, they are actually referring to jadeite, which is the high-quality material you see in jewelry. Jadeite bangles are very popular in Asian culture. Chinese grandparents give jadeite bangles to newborns as an amulet, because in ...

Umme Sariya
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🌈 Jade Bangle 60.0mm (2.36"), Round Shape, Light Green 🌷 Untreated Natural Jadeite/ Grade A Jade 🌷 Certified : Yes 🌷 Jade from Burma / Myanmar 🌷 Shape : Round 🌷 Inner diameter : 60.0mm/ 2.36" 🌷 Width & Thickness : 6 x 6mm 🌷 Color : Light Green 🌷 Free standard shipping from Hong Kong with tracking included 🌷 Take approximately 7-21 days to arrive worldwide