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Immerse yourself in the world of jazz with the legendary players who have shaped the genre. Explore their influential music and learn about their unique styles and contributions to jazz history.

Sorry for the long gap between installments. Busy at work and in life. This time, there’s a simple, big point: Prodigious talents that never entered the public’s consciousness bec…

Isabella Thomas

Before he became known as the great chronicler of Hollywood stars, Bob Willoughby produced an astonishing series of photographs of pivotal jazz musicians. Working at night in his garage to avoid light leaks, the radio blasting, Willoughby heard all the greats from that golden era of jazz. If he heard a live broadcast at a […]

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Hazel Home Art and Antiques Wausau, Wisconsin: The Oscar Peterson Trio featuring Ray Brown on bass and Herb Ellis on guitar. Oscar Peterson, Jazz Pianist, Francis Wolff, Classic Jazz, Jazz Art, Duke Ellington, Jazz Artists, Jazz Piano, I Love Cinema

Oscar Emmanuel Peterson (1925-2007) Courtesy William Smith Courtesy Paul Hoeffler Peterson redefined the jazz trio by bringing the musicianship of all three members to the highest level. The trio with Ray Brown and Herb Ellis was, in his own words, "the most stimulating" and productive setting for public performances as well as in studio recordings. In the early 1950s, Peterson began performing with Ray Brown and Charlie Smith as the Oscar Peterson Trio. Shortly afterward the drummer Smith…

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