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Explore the fascinating life and career of Jeremy Clarkson, the iconic television presenter and journalist. From Top Gear to The Grand Tour, discover the journey of this charismatic automotive enthusiast.
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Jeremy Clarkson: Meets the Neighbours, was a BBC series he presented in the same year he, Richard Hammond, and Jason Dawe rebooted Top Gear – 2002. He drove a Jaguar E-Type around Europe, visiting six different countries to discover just how different they are to Britain. There, he compared the stereotypes of the countries to …

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The Grand Tour hasn’t been in Scotland for long, but according to Jeremy Clarkson, the team is now on the way home after a stint of filming for the next episode of the successful Amazon Prime Video car show. They were spotted in Scotland late last week with him, Richard Hammond, and James May driving …

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We all know Jeremy Clarkson, the tell-it-straight TV presenter and Sunday Times columnist whose snappy one-liners and less than snappy dress have made him as popular with fans of fast cars as they have made him unloved by eco-minded types, especially those with a disdain for dad denim. So who is thi