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Explore the captivating journey of Joanna Lumley's youth, as we delve into her early life, career highlights, and iconic moments. Discover the secrets behind her everlasting charm and be inspired by her remarkable story.
JOANNA LUMLEY IN STOCKINGS AND NYLONS - AN APPRECIATION: THE STRIPTEASE - 'CHILDREN IN NEED' EVENT (1983) Joanna Lumley Young, Joanna Lumley, Avengers Girl, Charity Fundraising, Girls In Mini Skirts, Classic Actresses, Stockings And Suspenders, British Tv, Tv Girls

Probably the most well remembered moment in British TV charity fundraising ever, as Joanna Lumley did a playful striptease down to basque and stockings for CHILDREN IN NEED in the eighties. I'm sure much cash was raised, and generating many erect male members then and now! Joanna Lumley's 1983 CHILDREN IN NEED "Striptease"! - YouTube

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