John 3

Delve into the depths of John 3 and uncover its profound meaning. Explore the significance of this chapter in the context of the Bible and its relevance to modern life.
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What it means to be part of God's familyToday is Family Day in many parts of Canada, a day where most families will intentionally spend time together, prioritizing the importance of community. While we all belong to some sort of family through birth, marriage or adoption, not all of us may be blessed with having a supportive family where we feel like we are loved and accepted. Maybe you come from a broken or strained family that has made you feel all alone, as though you don’t have a family…

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One Sunday morning Argentinian Pastor Juan Carlos Ortiz stood up to preach and looked out at his congregation of about a thousand people. He smiled, “Love one another… Love one another…” (John 13:34-35, 15:12) The best-selling author of Disciple made eye contact with the people throughout his church. Then he went back to his seat

Briana Gaultiere