Kali mandir

Experience the divine energy at Kali Mandir, a sacred place of worship dedicated to the powerful goddess Kali. Explore the rich history and spiritual significance of this enchanting temple.
At the Feet of the Mother Art, Om, Kali Hindu, Kali Mata, Kali Puja, Mother Kali, Kali Shiva, Kali Ma, Kali Goddess

The Great Sacrifice I wanted to write an article in honor of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary, but I didn’t quite feel qualified. I am not a scholar. I have not researched Swamiji’s writings and life story in great detail. And then I felt a nudge as it were. Perhaps I should give it a try. I may not have the authority of a scholar but I am a devotee of God. Kindly take my words as an offering. They may not be perfect, but they come from my heart. I take the liberty to quote…

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