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Explore the captivating journey of Kim Min, a rising star known for their extraordinary talent and unique performances. Discover their inspiring story and be amazed by their exceptional skills.
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⭐️💭 230314 [8:04pm JST] “Why does it feel like it’s from yesterday…” “We came out at 3:30am…” “Everyone was in a hurry since very early in the morning…” “But I’m worried for tomorrow as my nose is stuffy because of my coldㅠㅠ”

Rising Actor Kim Min Kyu Breaks Out with Second Male Lead in A Business Proposal and Picks Nam Joo Hyuk in Twenty Five, Twenty One as His Ideal Role | A Koala's Playground People, Korean Men, Handsome, Asian Actors, Handsome Korean Actors, Korea, Model, Min Gyu, Personas

Breakouts happen in K-drama land only when the right actor/actress meets the right role, it’s tough and I appreciate it moreso because it introduces me to someone I may not have noticed otherwise. The latest breakout is Kim Min Kyu … Continue reading →