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About David van der Linden 'Monade Daydream' 100 x 100 cm Oil on canvas Black wooden frame is included: size 115 x 115 cm David van der Linden is a Dutch artist who studied at the ' Classical Academy of Arts' in Groningen. He also went to St Petersburg in Russia to study at the "Imperial Academy of Arts'. There he got overwhelmed by the possibilities to work with color in skin tones. He likes to paint in warm color to show the heat off skin tones in summer light or the cold tones of skin in…

Jessica Van Roy

Arcadia Contemporary artists: Nick Alm, Mary Jane Ansell, John Brosio, Michael Chapman, Matthew Cornell, Shaun Downey, Alex Russell Flint, Stephen Fox, Ron Hicks, Patrick Kramer, Brad Kunkle, Malcolm T. Liepke, Jeremy Lipking, Stephen Mackey, Renato Muccillo, Annie Murphy-Robinson, Alberto Ortega, Julio Reyes, Jeffrey Ripple, Denis Sarazhin, Arinze Stanley, Alex Venezia,...

Luciné Michelle