Large pumpkin

Transform your space with the vibrant colors and textures of large pumpkins. Discover unique ways to incorporate these seasonal favorites into your fall decor for a festive and inviting atmosphere.

Pumpkin is not just for pie! This common fall decor doubles as a winter squash full of fiber and vitamin A. This helps aid digestion and has benefits for your eyes and skin! Beyond health benefits, pumpkin is sweet and full of flavor that works in both savory and sweet dishes. Pumpkin Varieties While many … Read More

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Giant Pumpkins-You Can Grow 'em Too!!: Getting out in the garden can be so much fun! Choosing your plants, planning out your plot, and harvesting the fruits of your labors are all reasons that many gardeners love this spring to fall activity. But, even the most enjoyable hobbies needs …

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You'd be shocked to learn how many types of pumpkins exist. It's not just one big, orange guy. Dozens of varieties range from 2 feet long up to 20 feet long. You know those big ol' orange Jack o' Lanterns you carve every fall? Well, their species name is Cucurbita. Fancy, right? There are different Cucurbita species called ficifolia, maxima, mixta, moschata, and pepo that range in color in texture. Orange, red, white, blue, green, smooth, bumpy, stripped -- there's a little something for…

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