Laura donnelly

Discover the incredible talent of Laura Donnelly and her journey to becoming a rising star in the entertainment industry. Explore her captivating performances and find out why she is one to watch.
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If you have ever seen the TV show Outlander, you'll know Laura Donnelly's face. In a show about time-travelling Celts that features plenty of magic stones and kilts that leave little to the imagination, she brings the narrative down to earth. She plays Jenny, the wise-cracking, logic-abiding sister of the male lead Sam Heughan, and her presence brings an earthy reality to a show that could otherwise run away with itself. In person, Donnelly - who has just won an Olivier award for her role as…

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Over the past few weeks we’ve been doing throwback pic post of Outlander actors. Today is Laura Donnelly’s day. We also included some screencaps we’ve made in the past of Laura, as Jenny Fraser, in Outlander. There are also some pics from other shows and movies she’s done. So far we’ve done posts for: David Berry, Diana […]

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