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Take your LDS scripture study to the next level with a personalized journal. Reflect on your spiritual journey, record insights, and strengthen your connection with God. Start your journaling today and deepen your understanding of the scriptures.
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A scripture journal is the recordings of the things you read, the lessons you learn, the revelation you receive, and your personal testimony about important gospel principles. The BEST thing about scripture journals is that they are as personal as your study! It doesn't matter, because you won't be graded, judged or scoffed at no matter what you choose to do!


As I mentioned before, I have two journals- one that is a chapter by chapter study, Title Page and the other is for Topic based study. Each of my journals has a table of contents that is blank so I can fill it in as I go along. (Template available in the Chapters Kit in the store). Topic Journal Table of Contents I start out reading a chapter of scripture and I fill out a form with the following categories: Book name and title Other Scriptures I looked up and what I learned from them People…

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I have two kinds of study journals- one by chapter, and one by topic. My favorite way to study the scriptures is by chapters. Studying by chapters means you Bible Study Tips, Bible Study Notebook, Bible Study Journal, Bible Study Tools, Bible Journaling For Beginners, Bible Study Help, Bible Journaling, Scripture Journaling, Scripture Journal

Before anything else, join me and 1,700+ other inspirational Worthy Written Words community members on facebook to be inspired, share your photos, get support and encouragement! I have two kinds of study journals- one by chapter, and one by topic. My favorite way to study the scriptures is by chapters. Studying by ch

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Tips for Effective Scripture Study:  Mutual Night?   *Would be great for the youth to be given something from the scriptures to read and then work together in two's and then let them use this study sheet to analyze their scripture with this sheet and then share  They will learn from each other how to apply the scriptures  to their own lives.

We had a great Stake Conference this weekend and I took a ton of notes because I wanted to remember everything. One of our Stake Presidency members, who is also a seminary teacher, taught us how to more effectively study the scriptures. I made this handout based on his talk (not his exact words, but it is what I learned from it). We are trying to use these tips as we study the scriptures personally and as a family.

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In going along with my scripture journals, I try to mark my actual scriptures as well when I study. Before I can share all the cool stuff I have started to do, I need to share all the failures I've had so that you don't ruin your set of scriptures like I did. My first try I learned a lot of what works and what doesn't

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Come Follow Me Study Helps I thought that it would be fun to share with you some of the Come Follow Me Study Helps that we are doing. First of all, my daughter asked me back in December if I would do some kind of scripture that everyone could post every week. As a result, … Continue reading Come Follow Me Study Helps →

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