Light meter

Ensure perfect lighting in your photography or film projects with a reliable light meter. Discover how a light meter can help you achieve optimal exposure and create stunning visuals.
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In a previous article we took a look at metering using the camera’s built in metering system, explaining the different metering modes and in what situations to use them. For the vast majority of people the metering systems of modern digital cameras is so good that we need not consider other means of reading our exposures, however, for some of us, studio photographers and landscape photographers for example, there is sometimes a need for some more advanced techniques, using a dedicated…

Marshall Jaffe
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Say good bye to shutter speed and f/stop guess work with the help of one of the finest light meters available, the Sekonic L508. When you have a fully manual camera without a meter and you want absolutely predictable exposures, you need to go with a light meter that nails it every time.

Johnny Yuen