Line photography

Explore the art of line photography and learn how to create stunning images that showcase the beauty of lines. Discover top ideas and techniques to enhance your line photography skills.
12 Amazing Photos That Will Make You Appreciate Leading Lines as a Great Composition Tool Photo Art, Fotos, Fotografie, Fotografia, Poses, Sanat, Cool Photos, Photo Composition, Kunst

A good composition is essential to creating a remarkable shot. There are many composition tools that you can utilize to improve the composition of your photography. Leading lines is one such technique whereby the viewer's attention is drawn to the lines that lead directly to the main subject of the photograph. This post is a collection of some photographs that make great use of leading lines in their composition. As you will see, leading lines can be a wonderful composition tool when doing…

Jeff Blanchette
22 landscape photographs that use power lines to great effects Urban Photography, Street Photography, Cebu, Urban, City Photography, Scaffolding, Fotografie, Fotografia, Urban Landscape

One of the big challenges of landscape photography is incorporating elements into a landscape that you perhaps might prefer were not there. One of the common visual pollutants in our world is power lines running through pristine country. We think these photographers have made a great effort of incorporating power lines or even making them a dominant part of their compositions. Share your own efforts in the comments! Cincinnati - Mason Community 'Power - Nature & Man-Made' by David Paul…

Peter Carter