Linocut tools

Discover the essential linocut tools you need to create beautiful prints. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, these tools will help you bring your linocut creations to life. Start carving and printing with confidence!
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I've used a wide range of carving tools for block printing, such as those made by Speedball, Power Grip, Pfeil and Japanese woodblock carving tools. I'm going to break down my research into two categories: inexpensive, budget oriented carving tools and more expensive, superior tools. I have some spe

Undine Day
3 sets of lino Printing tools. A box of pencil shaped tools, mushroom shaped tools and detachable blades tools Tools, Linoleum, Linocut Tools, Carving Tools, Lino Printing Kit, Woodcut Printing, Diy Shops, Creative Crafts

When starting out on your Lino Printing journey it can be a bit confusing deciding on which tools and materials to use and more importantly how to use them. There are so many to choose from it can be bit of an headache. So here's my guide on the type of tools you can get and how to use them safely.

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