Long platinum blonde

Get inspired by these long platinum blonde hairstyles and transform your look. Enhance your natural beauty with this trendy hair color and style.
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Advertorial The holidays are coming up!! This is the time of the year when we get invited to loads of parties and everyone is trying to look their best. Us girls always want to doll up for Xmas/NYE and thus we put on new clothes and shows and put on extra makeup... But it is true that most of us cannot be bothered to do much to our hair! This was how my hair looked like last Xmas... I just curled it and let it be. And that's what I do most of the time anyway. It's nice... but so boring! It's…

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These long silver platinum waves are a cascading waterfall of cool tones. Perfect for any hair texture, these waves enhance volume and give a luxurious finish. Click here to see more platinum blonde hair color ideas.

Ginny Peterson