Long shot

Experience the thrill of witnessing incredible long shot moments in sports. From basketball to soccer, discover the most jaw-dropping shots that defy all odds and leave spectators in awe.
Los Angeles, Double Exposure, Photography, People, Motion Blur, Long Exposure Photography, Exposure, Urban Life, Fotografia

Long exposure picture with lonely young man shot from behind at subway station with blurry moving train and walking people in background. YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED IN: My Best Sellers – https://creativemarket.com/BOOCYS/collections/344418/My-Best-Sellers My Mockups – https://creativemarket.com/BOOCYS/collections/343961/My-Mockups My Everyday People – https://creativemarket.com/BOOCYS/collections/344364/My-Everyday-People My Architecture Abstracts –…