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Merry Christmas in July! This whole month we're celebrating our favorite science fiction Christmas entertainments. What's your favorite SCI-FI Christmas story? One of my own favorites is a show I grew up watching, Lost In Space. This drama about the first family in space is one I still love watching. The first season was filmed in black-and-white including this episode "Return from Outer Space." In the 1965 episode "Return from Outer Space," Will Robinson disobeys his father’s order to stay…

Ingrid Spencer
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Oh Hail No!!! Last night I was watching the radar and another storm rolled in. I realized it might get pretty nasty so I put the chickens inside. Next I moved my basil that I haven't potted yet under a table for protection. Things transpired pretty quickly! In no time we had a long round of marble-sized hail- All I could think of was just if the cucumbers and tomatoes would survive, this but it appears they have. We had really high gusting winds and torrential downpours for a good half hour…

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