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Louis XVI 1780 – seated | “Like a pillow, the last person to sit on it leaves the impression.”

Louis XVI (1754-1793; reigned 1774-1791) was a slow, well-meaning, but stubborn man. Like his grandfather Louis XV, he showed genuine concern for his subjects. He lacked a strong will and was the pawn of special interests. He paid for his weakness at the guillotine. He would have been an excellent constitutional monarch, had he been able to bring the Bourbons through the first two years of the Revolution.

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The Execution of Louis XVI

On the cold, foggy morning of January 21, 1793—225 years ago—French King Louis XVI made the hour and a half journey through the city of Paris from the Temple, the fortified medieval monastery where he was imprisoned, to the Place de la Révolution, where the scaffold for his execution was assembled.

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