Magnetic strip

Discover unique ways to utilize magnetic strips in your home for better organization and convenience. Get inspired to declutter and create a more efficient space with these magnetic strip ideas.
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We’ve been extra busy helping families start their New Year organized (15 consultations just last month). The thing keeping us sane is the same thing we recommend for all of our clients with full schedules—a command center. What is a command center? A command center is a dedicated space in your home for managing […]

Hilary Bruce

*THESE STEEL STRIPS ARE NOT MAGNETIZED BUT ACTUALLY MEANT FOR MAGNETS TO STICK TO THEM* Use promo code BUY3SALE for 10 % off discount when you buy 3 or more! These steel strips are great for organizing! They can be put just about anywhere to make a unique area for magnets to stick to. Some great ideas include key racks, spice jar organization, and magnet collections! ***Please note that steel is magnetic which means that magnets will stick to it. You will need a magnet for this to work.*** •…

Kim Andreas