Discover the stunning landscapes, rich culture, and diverse wildlife of Malawi. Plan your next adventure to this hidden gem in Africa and experience the warm hospitality of its people.
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The critically endangered Mulanje cedar, Widdringtonia whytei, occurs atop a single granite massif—Mount Mulanje. Designation as the national tree of Malawi hasn’t stopped an onslaught of overexploitation. The cedar’s pleasantly fragrant wood is poisonous to insects and repels rot—rare and precious features in tropical Africa that spur a hefty timber price for woodworking and construction. Under protection from Malawi’s poorly funded and corrupt Department of Forestry, illegal logging is…

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Float above thousands of colourful fish in Africa’s great Lake Malawi. This huge body of freshwater hosts perhaps the largest number of fish species of any lake in Africa. Due to the Lake’s high alkalinity, it also has an amazingly high proportion of endemic brightly-coloured fish. This makes for an amazing snorkelling experience in the clear, turquoise water beside your lodge. There are also few plants and organic material in the lake, which makes for amazing visibility above the sandy and…

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Lake Malawi is located in southeastern Africa between the three countries of Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi, with the west and south coasts to Malawi, the northeast coast to Tanzania and the eastern part to Mozambique. This lake is also known as Lake Nyasa, which means “lake” in African, and it also has small islands. It […]

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