Marie gomez

Explore the fascinating life and work of Marie Gomez, a talented artist who has made a significant impact in the art world. Discover her unique style and inspiring creations.
The Horn Section: Crush-A-Thon: Marie Gomez of BARQUERO (1970) Horn, London, Jennifer Connelly, Actors, Marie Gomez, Ugly Americans, Cigar Smoking, Cigar, Milf

This is the Horn Section's contribution to the Jennifer Connelly Memorial Crushathon hosted by our pal Todd at Forgotten Films! By all means check out the earlier entries in this great idea for a blogathon, which started on Thanksgiving and has contributions from several of us in blogger land. As always, I am honored to be invited, and I highly recommend checking out the archives at Forgotten Films. Here is today's post as it appears at the Blogathon there. I've written about my own…

Roger Shirley