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I love Pad Thai, but I don’t love the blood sugar spike that comes with the rice noodles and sugary sauce. This recipe offers all the same classic flavors and textures over a bed of low-carb, fiber-rich Miracle Noodles. It’s packed with veggies, protein-rich eggs, and tofu to give you tons of nutrients in every bite. If you don’t do soy, feel free to substitute it with chicken or just omit it altogether! And if you do eat soy, I always recommend buying non-GMO, organic soy and choosing…

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These Red Chicken Enchiladas are perfect for a crowd, full of warm savory spices and served with any of your favorite sides and toppings for a nourishing comforting meal. Onions and garlic are two staples I always keep around and they play an essential role in developing the flavors of this red sauce. Onions are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and folate and garlic provides vitamin C, vitamins B1 and B6, potassium, and calcium. As part of the allium family, they are rich…

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Roasted Vegetable Lasagna with Cashew “Ricotta Cheese" - Dr. Mark Hyman Vegan Recipes, Healthy Eating, Paleo Recipes, Pasta, Healthy Recipes, Paleo, Meals, Comfort Food, Eat Fat

Who says you can’t enjoy comfort food while nourishing your body? Prepare this dish when you want to share a hearty, delicious meal the entire family will love. From my experience, it is best to double the recipe, making two lasagnas and freezing one for later, because this will quickly become a family favorite! Click here to view PDF version.

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This Elevated Power Bowl makes a nourishing meal any time of the day, full of protein-rich eggs and quinoa, hearty turmeric cauliflower, and a tangy sundried tomato whipped feta. Though often classified as a grain, quinoa is actually a seed harvested from a plant related to spinach, beets, and chard. It’s rich in fiber, folate, minerals like copper and manganese, and it contains all nine essential amino acids making it a complete protein. A green sauce of cilantro, parsley, and mint make…

Letitia Elliott
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The difference between an ordinary plate of greens and an incredible, satiating salad is what you put on it. Same for that platter of veggies—the right dip can take them to a whole new level. So, this week I’m sharing four of my favorite quick and easy recipes for dips and dressings that will help you turn any ordinary meal into a mouth-watering work of art. With no cooking required! The Whipped Garlic Dill Dip and Coconut Avocado Dip can be used to top virtually anything, while the Miso…

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