Marshmallow drink

Indulge in the cozy comfort of marshmallow drinks. Explore our collection of recipes to find the perfect warm beverage to satisfy your cravings and bring joy to your taste buds.
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If you like dipping your fries into your milkshake this ones for you! This “nice” dairy free milkshake is topped with “naughty” toasted vegan marshmallow fluff and salty shoestring french fries.

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Oh, how I’d love to curl up under a blanket with one of these clutched in my hands right this instant! If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, then you may remember that I shared a sneak preview of these decadent lattes with you all a couple weeks ago. And then proceeded to make

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If you are tired of having jams and peanut butter, try making whipped cream cheese for serving with crackers and bagels. You can prepare delicious whipped cream cheese spread with milk, strawberry syrup and agave nectar. Read on to find out recipes for the same.

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Baby, it's cold outside! Are you one of the unfortunates who suffered through the recent polar vortex? Or perhaps you are, like me, a weather wussy who lives in warm climate but is still always chilly? Good news, my cold friends! I have the perfect hot chocolate recipe to warm you right up. No longer