Mary celeste

Explore the enigmatic story of the Mary Celeste, the infamous ghost ship that was found adrift without its crew. Discover the theories and clues behind this enduring maritime mystery.
1872, The Mystery of the Mary Celeste: Crew Vanishes from Seaworthy Ship - an American merchant vessel brigantine that was found adrift & deserted in the Atlantic Ocean, on December 5, 1872, by the Canadian brigantine Dei Gratia. She was in a seaworthy condition, with nobody on board, and lifeboat missing. Medan, Antiques, Seaworthy, Ancient Origins, Boat, Mary Celeste, Abandoned Ships, Mystery Of History, Abandoned

On December 4, 1872, a ship now known as the Mary Celeste was found adrift in the choppy seas of the Atlantic. The ship was in full sail and in sound and seaworthy condition with ample provisions, but when it was boarded it was found to be completely empty – the crew had vanished without a trace. It is a mystery that has endured for more than 135 years.

Jeanette Ⓥ Natoli