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Andreas Gursky -- New York Magazine Art Review. His amazing picture of a convenience store brimming with goods, 99 Cent II, Diptych (2001), which recently became the most expensive photo in history when it was auctioned for over 3 million Andreas Gursky, Paula Modersohn Becker, Herbert List, Saatchi Gallery, Max Ernst, Dusseldorf, Great Photographers, Contemporary Photography, Colorful Landscape

Andreas Gursky -- New York Magazine Art Review - Nymag

The German über-photographer Andreas Gursky was the perfect pre-9/11 artist. He excelled at portraying the border-to-border, edgeless hum and busy obliviousness of modern life, what Francis Fukuyama ridiculously declared “the end of history,” G [...]

Tyler Lawrence
A drawing of Gutenberg's finished printing press. Guttenberg Printing Press, Gutenberg Printing Press, Type Expression, Gutenberg Press, Reluctant Dragon, Gutenberg Bible, Letterpress Machine, Matthew Carter, Reformation Day

Everything You Need to Know About the Printing Press

The printing press is one of the most wonderful inventions that ever graced this earth. It helped to bring us all these wonderful books we can't get enough of. Here's what you need to know about this incredible invention that changed the world for the better.

Stephanie Linton

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