Mastectomy reconstruction

Learn about the different options for mastectomy reconstruction and find the best solution for you. Take control of your journey and reclaim your confidence after breast cancer.
Preventive Mastectomy & DIEP flap reconstruction: surgery and recovery recap. Mastectomy Reconstruction, Mastectomy Recovery, Mastectomy Surgery, Bilateral Mastectomy, Mastectomy, Surgery Recovery, Breast Reconstruction, Reconstructive Surgery, Breast Exam

It's been almost four weeks since my preventive double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. It feels a lot longer than that some days, but I also know 4 weeks really isn't that much time. The process of healing has been a lot better than I anticipated in most ways, but some things that I didn't ex

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1 Week Post Op - Carolina Charm

Well, I made it through my double mastectomy surgery! Tomorrow will mark one week post op and I am so proud of myself for getting through these past 6 days. I had hoped to post an update much sooner than this but the medications I’m on make me very drowsy, unmotivated and blur my vision …

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