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Maternity Photography

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Pregnancy. Pregnant. Фотосессия беременности в студии Москва

Фотосессия беременных в стиле минимализма в студии, профессиональный визаж и укладка, одежда, помощь в позировании, журнальная ретушь фотографий · Фотосессии беременности. Женский портрет

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How To: DIY Milk Bath Maternity Shoot

When I teased out my milk bath maternity shoot in my Instastories. Folks. Went. Crazy. I received so many questions on how I did it and an overwhelming excitement to see how things turned out. Well i'm happy to say...the final product was more stunning than I could have ever imagined. But, I can't possibly take full credit. None of this could have been possible without my amazing photographer Jessica of Ely Rose Photography who was willing to risk her camera and her safety (literally hovering over my tub) to get the perfect shot and help my milk bath vision come to life... So, I have to say if you're in the DMV you need to book Jessica for your photography needs! Not only was she able to capture exactly what I was looking for while doing the milk bath portion of the shoot. She also gave amazing direction for our lifestyle, nursery and our bedroom shoots (because trust me we were clueless). Oh and she took special care in making us feel comfortable during the entire session which was really helpful during our intimate shots. She was able to bring out our personalities which made the love papa bean and I have for each other & the bean show on camera. So...with all that being said, 1) book her, here's her Instagram 2) lets get into this DIY Milk Bath shoot. Oh and be sure to read all the way to the end to see some of our favorite photos from all the sessions in our maternity shoot <3 DIY MILK BATH SHOOT Surprisingly enough the milk bath is actually pretty simple to make. WHAT YOU NEED -2 Gallons of milk (depending on your tub size) - 6 to 10 bunches of flowers (depending on your tub size) - Lace robe/bodysuit or fabric to cover up with WHAT TO DO 1. PICK + USE FRESH FLOWERS NOTE- FAKE FLOWERS WILL SINK TO THE BOTTOM. REAL FLOWERS WILL FLOAT! So, use real ones. When it comes to picking flowers you need to select a color scheme. Are you going to go bright and bold or soft and subtle? Either direction make sure you buy flowers in colors that compliment each other and whatever you plan on wearing in your shoot. When I got my flowers I made sure to OVER BUY, the worst thing that could happen is you get home and you don't have enough flowers >_< I purchased all my flowers from Wegmans. They have a great selection with low prices (WIN) 2. PICKING YOUR WARDROBE When it comes to color, you want to pick something either white, cream or you could just go nude. Deciding which works best for you depends on your personal vision for the shoot, what flowers you're picking, your skin tone and your personal comfort level. Also be very mindful of the weight of your garment as that will effect how it floats or flows in the water. Sticking to something that will either cling to you and lay flat or your skin or flow/sit well in the water are your best options. Initially I wanted to have a full lace bodysuit like the one above...however when I couldn't find that while last minute shopping, I opted to go for a few cuts of white fabric from my local Joann's Fabrics 2. USE NATURAL LIGHT This is huge...like really. If there are any windows in your bathroom be sure to open the shades. If your bathroom is attached to a really bright bedroom like ours is, open the shades in your bedroom and keep the bathroom door open. If neither of these are an option, invest in daylight lightbulbs. You can get these from *gasp* Walmart for really cheap. These lightbulbs give the room a bright white light vs the yellow/tan tones typical lightbulbs cast, which would all but ruin your photos. 3. FILL YOUR TUB This may seem like a given but use warm water (NOT HOT or COLD). Think about it, you're going to sit in this water for a while soooo you kinda want the shit to be comfortable. This ain't no Americas Next Top Model challenge, no need to suffer through cold water. Also, you want to fill the tub to your preferred water level before you add the milk. Adding water to milk will make it look bubbly, and no one wants that =). Also don't just dump the milk in the tub, add it slowly, stir it around and watch the color of the water change. Once the water is to your color preference, stop adding the milk. Last tip about the water, don't fill the tub too much. Yes, you want the tub to be full BUT remember you also want to show other parts of your body in the photos too. So don't fill the tub so it covers you completely. 4. CUT + ARRANGE YOUR FLOWERS It's suggested that you have an assistant place your flowers once you're already in the tub. Of course i'm hardheaded so I didn't do that, I placed my flowers before I got into the tub. It didn't really make a difference except, once I was in the tub there was some rearranging that needed to be done. MAJOR KEY: When cutting your flowers leave 2-4 centimeters of stem on each flower, leaving a bit of the stem helps the flowers float better. 5. SHOOT FROM ABOVE The best angle when shooting milk bath photos is always from above. From that perspective you get to see the full beauty of the image. While other angles "work" they just don't come out as well. 6. TRY DIFFERENT POSITIONS GET YO HEAD OUT THE GUTTER...j/k unless it really went there. But really try different positions in the tub to ensure you get a great range of shots. Turn to the side, hold your belly, have your eyes closed, look down, raise your knee out of the water etc. You never know whats going to look great on camera so, switch it up! NOW GO MAKE MAGIC I hope these tips help you create your own floral milk bath photo shoot. No matter if it be for a maternity shoot or if you're just looking to take some beautiful pictures (these images always come out so amazing). If you do try it for yourself be sure to tag me in the pictures on Instagram! I would love to see how yours turn out. Or if you just have maternity photo shoot pix you want to share I would love to see those too so tag away! As promised, below you'll find some of our favorite shots from the rest of our maternity shoot. The beautiful removable wall paper from the two photos above is from Wall Pops and it can be found Here I hope you enjoy! Until Next Time, XO Deanna

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Our Maternity Photos + A Third Trimester Update

We are officially 3 weeks away from our due date! Honestly, time is flying by. I know most everyone tells you the last few weeks crawl due to anticipation, but I'm not experiencing that. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the holidays are also around this time, and that we are still working on getting our new home furnished and ready for our parents to visit long term. I'm so busy with work (holiday season), buying and wrapping gifts for everyone, decorating the house, getting little man's nursery organized, ordering the last of what I need for postpartum and what we are still missing for this little peanut etc. that life.is.busy. I never want to forget this time, so it's helpful for me to write out all that I am feeling and experiencing, and while I'm at it - maybe it'll help you too. So here's a little update on the homestretch! HOW I'M FEELING PHYSICALLY I honestly feel really good! I was prepared for the worst after hearing everyone else's 3rd trimester stories, but like I've mentioned with other pregnancy topics, you really can't (and shouldn't) compare your story to others, because each pregnancy is so unique and different. I also strongly believe that mindset and staying active has so much to do with how you feel in these last few weeks. I've always been a regimented person, and sticking to a routine is what's keeping me sane. I'm still waking up at 6 AM daily, starting my day with a workout - yes, even at 37 weeks - although my workouts look a lot different, I'm proud of myself for staying committed to moving every day. I do a 20 minute Peloton walk on the treadmill, followed by 30-40 min of weights, and Shane and I take a walk in the afternoons with the dog 3ish times a week as well. I'm also still riding the Peloton if I'm not walking (about 2-3 times a week). I'm hoping that by staying active, my body will be more prepared for labor. We will see! EMOTIONS I feel fairly level headed. To be honest, I think everyone around me would say I've been super "normal" in the emotions department this entire pregnancy. Of course, I have my days here and there. I think it's fair to say that most of those days have been triggered by things that are out of my control, like Covid. I miss my family tremendously, and have truly let myself mourn the loss of the idea in my head of what I always thought pregnancy would look like. For example, having my family around for the milestone moments like the gender reveal, the baby shower, putting together the nursery and shopping for baby items together. Just writing this out bring tears to my eyes because it feels so unfair. I'm constantly reminding myself to focus on the things I can control, versus what I can't control, and to be grateful for a healthy growing little boy. I'm a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason, and God chose this timing for our family for a much greater purpose than we can physically see today. If you are going through this same season, just know your feelings are valid and that you are not alone. On the other end of the spectrum, I am so excited to meet our son. We talk about what he will look like and his personality daily, and it's been so fun to imagine life with him earthside. Our bodies are capable of so much, and I feel so grateful for such a huge blessing during a year like this. He has given us so much to look forward too, and the love we feel for him is already exponential. SLEEP Sleep is something I've struggled with most of my pregnancy. Around 32 weeks I started getting this intense itchy feeling all over my body at night which was really keeping me up. We were worried about Cholestasis so I went in to get tested, and thankfully did not have it. The doctor thought that the itchiness was most likely due to hormones as they are at their peak around this time and suggested Benadryl at night, and Allegra during the day to help with the symptoms. Well, the Benadryl has provided the best sleep I've had all pregnancy, and for the most part doesn't make me drowsy the next morning (I only take half the dosage). As of this week, I am starting to feel more tired later in the day but that's all part of the game. I can really only sleep comfortably on my right side with a king size pillow in between my legs so that's where I land for the most of the night. The belly sort of makes moving from side to side a whole project, and don't even get me started on getting up from the bed - haha! THE BELLY Baby has definitely dropped! I'm not 100% sure exactly what week this happened, but I want to say I started noticing it most around 33 weeks. My weight gain slowed way down in the 3rd trimester, but I can tell when baby boy is growing because there's a noticeable difference in my belly size and the scale reflects the gain too. He is also head down now! It's incredible being able to feel where his body parts are as he gets bigger. The kicks are a lot less frequent now that he has less room, and his movements tend to feel more like wiggles at this point. He likes to shove his butt right into my ribs and shifts from side to side daily. Sometimes I feel like I need to stretch my arms above my head to get him to shimmy down some because the rib situation is rather uncomfortable and cramped. My appetite also seems to be the biggest it's been to date these last few weeks, although, I tend to feel full fairly fast since there is less room so I eat lots of smaller meals throughout the day. I think the most noticeable difference for me now that he's in position is the amount of pressure I feel, especially if we are walking or I'm doing leg day. I also still have the lower back pain almost daily, but with a giant belly and a 6 lb baby down low inside of it - I guess that's to be expected. CRAVINGS I really haven't had a ton of cravings. I talked about this in my first trimester recap, but I experienced more aversions than anything. I will say, I still want fruit nonstop and as of late - I could eat 3 bowls of wheat bran cereal with blueberries a day and be perfectly happy. I'm definitely indulging in sweets more than I've ever let myself in the past, but overall - I've been fairly balanced with fueling my body, but also letting myself enjoy this time a little. SIGNS OF LABOR I've been keeping my eyes peeled for early labor signs. I noticed I started feeling lower back pain that feels more like the back pain you get right before your period (vs the back pain from weight - it feels different) last week. It comes in waves throughout the day, and as experts say, that's typically a sign that your body is preparing itself. I've had a little cramping here and there as well, which the OB said is normal around this timeframe and again - is a sign your body is preparing for what's to come. Other than that, there have been several days recently where I feel what I think* are Braxton Hicks contractions - they tend to take my breathe away for a second and then go away. We both feel like he will be here early, but then again, what do we know!? As excited as we are to meet him, I am hoping my body will start the process naturally when it's ready. I think that's pretty much everything there is to report right now. I am planning on trying to take a little time off in January to be present with him and my family, and to adjust to our new life. The only caveat to this job is that it doesn't come with paid time off, or any type of maternity leave, which gives me a little bit of anxiety as I would love to not feel the pressure to work. But, we will figure it out as we go and I feel confident that my gut will lead me in the right direction when the time comes. Is there anything I left out that you'd like to know about!? Planning to write another post on what's in my hospital bag soon - stay tuned. Photography: Anchor & Veil Dress c/o: Sexy Mama Maternity SHOP THE POST: JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

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golden beachy maternity session

“be softer with you. you are a breathing thing. a memory to someone. a home to a life.” this golden beachy session was everything we wanted and more. the sun was really showing off for us this evening, and i’m soooo excited for these two and their lil man!

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Sunset Bohemian Maternity Photography, Atlanta GA

Award winning family, maternity, newborn and brand photographer in Atlanta, Georgia. Serving Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, Buckhead, Brookhaven, and all surrounding areas.

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Unique Maternity Photos with this Beautiful Arkansas Couple

Film style, documentary Arkansas wedding photographer. Northwest Arkansas based photographer April Walsh specializes in natural light photos with an intimate feel. Available for travel anywhere! Oklahoma Wedding Photographer. Missouri Wedding Photographer. Texas Wedding Photographer.

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Calgary Maternity Photographer | Cale & Kayley’s Mountain Maternity Session

Calgary Wedding Photographer for intimate & advernterous couples. . Local, mountain & Destination weddings.

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Twin Baby Bump – Indianapolis Maternity and Newborn Photography

I want to start this post off by saying – wow. Everything about this maternity session just blew me away… this sweet couple, the beautiful light, the fact that this mama is pregnant with twins and makes it look so easy and beautiful, and just wow. This session took place in late Fall in Indiana. […]

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