Measure body inches

Learn how to accurately measure your body inches with this easy-to-follow guide. Get the perfect fit for your clothes and track your progress towards your fitness goals.
UNIT OF MEASUREMENT MUST BE IN INCHES MEASUREMENT FORM A   Shoulder to neck drop _________ B   Shoulder to nipple _________ C   Shoulder to empire _________ D   Shoulder to waist _________ E   Leng…

UNIT OF MEASUREMENT MUST BE IN INCHES MEASUREMENT FORM A Shoulder to neck drop _________ B Shoulder to nipple _________ C Shoulder to empire _________ D Shoulder to waist _________ E Leng…

How To Measure Weight Loss Without A Scale

Scales don’t always tell the whole story, so it’s important to learn how to measure weight loss without a scale. Read on to find out how to take body measurements for weight loss, and how to track weight loss progress without a scale.

Mallory Wall
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Today I took on the daunting task of recording mine and my husband's current body measurements in preparation for the starting of the 21 Day Fix program and our new diets! I wanted to share a diagram that shows you how to accurately measure each area. Not only is it a good diagram to go by, but it's also printable so you can quickly fill in your measurements and have a copy of them to look back on! Tip: 1 My number one tip when it comes to recording your measurements/weight, is to USE AN…