Medical office

Create a modern and functional medical office space with these top design ideas. Enhance the efficiency and comfort of your practice while providing a welcoming environment for patients.
Design, Decoration, Medical Office Interior, Clinic Interior Design, Medical Office Design, Clinic Design, Doctor Office Design, Medical Clinic Design, Consulting Room Nature heals; the research backs it up. That’s why we spend our time traveling throughout the country, capturing the awe and beauty of nature’s most breathtaking landscapes and plant life for hospitals and healthcare environments. From the earliest development stages with architects, designers, and end-users, to art selection and placement, to the very finishing touches of installing the artwork, we handle all the details and enjoy every second. How can we…

Ashley Warstler
Troldtekt acoustic panels are creating a warm and welcoming space as well as a superior acoustic environment Interior, Office Interior Design, Studio, Healthcare Interior Design, Medical Office Furniture, Medical Office Interior, Healthcare Furniture, Consulting Room, Clinic Consultation Room Design

Troldtekt acoustic panels are ensuring perfect acoustics as well as creating a warm and welcoming space at this medical suite in Sydney, Australia. The architecture has been developed with the users' comfort in mind. Click the picture for more information about Liverpool Medical Suite. #goodacoustics #holzwolleplatten #träullsplattor #troldtekt Architects: Studio_P architects

Adrian Bjørseth