Memory care

Discover essential memory care tips to help seniors maintain cognitive function and improve overall quality of life. Explore effective strategies to support memory health and enhance daily living.
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Creative Art Co's resident "front doors" are deliberately traditional and retro for residents-in-long-term and memory care. They bring a sense of community that says “neighbourhood” rather than institution. Other benefits, besides adding colourful cheer are: help with way-finding (locating one’s own room or that of a family member) and a sense of pride in having one’s own defined space.

Heather McQueen
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Creative Art Co's selection of windows interactive or non-interactive are the perfect accompaniment to our resident “Front Door” wraps. Like the "Front Door" wraps, these shuttered windows add to a sense of community and create a less institutional look for residents on their daily walks down hallways.

Tammy Welsh
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Senior Living Design | Memory Care Senior living design has become a primary focus for the work we do at Studio 1-2-1. So much intentionality and thoughtfulness goes into designing interiors for senior residents and our team is passionate about it. One of our resident designers, Morgan Ridgle

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A snoezelen area is a therapeutic, sensory-stimulating environment that can be used for residents with dementia. Snoezelen rooms can improve communication for your residents while also reducing aggressive behavior. Here are a few quick ideas. Get more senior activity ideas at TODAY!