Mercedes 280

Discover the power and elegance of the Mercedes 280 series. Experience the ultimate driving pleasure with these iconic luxury cars.
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1969 Mercedes 280SEL with a 408 ci LSx V8

Josh Stahl is the President of Reviva, a company in Minneapolis, Minnesota specializing in rebuilt gasoline and diesel engines. The company recently launched a line of performance LSx V8s ranging in outputs of 450-600 horsepower. Josh decided the best way to showcase their new performance LSx V8s was to build a tribute to the original...

Brian Kerrigan
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Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda - Cars One Love

When Mercedes introduced its 300SL Gullwing, it created an icon – but one that was out of reach for virtually everybody. When it created a sequel, one of the key tasks was to make it a more mainstream model, even if it was hardly what you could call affordable. On that score the company succeeded; ...