Mini houses

Explore creative mini house designs that maximize space and style. Discover how these small dwellings can provide a cozy and functional living experience.
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This is the final part for building your dollhouse! Upstairs, I added the last 2 chandelier. I pulled all the electric together upstairs and hid it in a chimney. The chimney is made of 4 pieces of cardboard. Everything got covered with concrete I applied with an artist spatula. This is Dap's Ready Mixed Concrete. The chimney has little rocks added to it once the concrete had dried. I just drop these little mounds of concrete and shape them into rocks so they are 3 D. The bump out is covered…

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Finally, my first post of 2018! Are you ready for an awesome year? My first freestyle project this year(not commissioned) will be Maison Francaise. This will be my signature type of French style town house. With a plaster exterior, whites and greys throughout. Just like my previous house Under Paris Roofs. I had a lot of requests to make this one again. So here goes. I start off by using 2 sheets of hardboard. I use hardboard because it's nice and straight, no warping! I bought a ready made…

Jody Raines