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Create a Montessori-inspired bathroom for your child with IKEA. Explore top ideas to make bath time fun and educational while promoting independence.
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I noticed I've done a lot of book posts lately, so I thought I'd step back and talk about Montessori at home again. As Noora is now 16 months, fully mobile and into everything, she's everywhere and in everything. And as I was looking for ideas for her, I realized that every other blog I've seen feat

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Update: A Montessori Toddler Bathroom - Basin on the Bath Apartment Therapy, Montessori, Baby Baby, Play, Bath, Montessori Toddler, Toddler Bathroom, Toddler Bath, Bath Toys

Otto has been using this little basin on the bath since February. I wanted to give you an update because it is still working wonderfully for us. We are living in a small house and the bathroom has no space for a hand-washing table or for a step high enough for Otto to reach the basin. We already have his potty in the walkway. The basin on the bath almost takes up no space. The negatives including the mirror which is really unclear, the child can see themselves in it but not at all clearly…

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