Moon phases names

Explore the fascinating world of moon phases and learn about the names and meanings behind each phase. Uncover the secrets of the lunar cycle and deepen your understanding of the night sky.
How To Set Intentions By The Phases Of The Moon | Life Goals Mag Tattoo, Intentions, Full Moon Ritual, Moon Cycles, Moon Phases, Crystals And Gemstones, New Moon, Full Moon, Waxing And Waning

We’re all familiar with the concept of setting new year's resolutions each year, in the form of new health and wellness goals, bad habits to break, and new career goals too. But what if we took the time to self reflect, set our intentions, and manifest our desires each month –– just think of how much more powerful it could all be? What better way to truly hold ourselves accountable and help stay on track than to check in more often than not?

Noelle Herzog