Explore the magical properties of moonstone and how it can enhance your spiritual journey. Discover top moonstone jewelry and learn how to incorporate this enchanting gem into your daily life.
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Moonstone, one of the three birthstones of June, is a unique gem that displays a rare glowing sheen known as adularescence. This sheen resembles the glow of the moon through a veil of thin clouds. Its unusual appearance has captivated the hearts of jewelry lovers for centuries and made it the most well-known gemstone of the feldspar group.

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Moonstone ranges in colour from white to cream to yellow as well as other varieties such as Blue Moonstone, Peach Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone (although these have differing healing properties). Moonstone is often milky or translucent and has an almost reflective surface which gives off flashes of colour. Moonstone

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Moonstone crystal is a healing stone that has been connected with water Zodiac signs. Amidst other moonstone healing properties, this crystal is also capable of teaching us about the natural cycles in our lives.

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