Most magical places in the world

Embark on a journey to the most enchanting destinations across the globe. Experience the wonder and beauty of these magical places and create memories that will last a lifetime.
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Magical Places You Won’t Believe Exist In The World - Tripelle

The earth still very much a mystery to even the most traveled person. We all travel to discover those places that are so magical you can’t explain them in words or pictures. Here are the most amazing places you won’t believe exist until you visit yourself.

Jessica Meade
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Here Are 15 Wonders of the World You've Never Heard Of - InsideHook

In 2007, an online contest was put on by a Swiss company, the New 7 Wonders Foundation. We looked at some natural and man-made sites that they missed.

Maddie Hoffman
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11 Places to See Before you Die - CHARLIES WANDERINGS

I visited all of these places myself and know first hand what makes them so special. Plus I will throw in a few extra tips on when is the best time to visit each place.

Louise Poole
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10 Magical Places in Switzerland Straight out of a Fairytale - Geek Trippers

As we're sure you know, we here at Geektrippers are obsessed with discovering the most magical places in the world, especially those that remind us of the faraway lands depicted in all our favourite movies, books, and TV shows. Today, we want to showcase the most magical places in Switzerland, a country with a dash

Sandy Hitchins
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Top 10 Breathtaking Natural Pools You Must See

Nature is a wonderful thing, really. There isn't a human-made thing that can compare to the beauty of nature. In this article, we picked ten natural pools where you would love to dive in. The salty, clear water will invite you to experience great summer adventures, and the surroundings will…

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