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Motanka doll , Ukrainian doll, amulet doll, Ethnic Doll,Home Protection, amulet for home A mothanka doll is a talisman of your home and prosperity. Height 24-25 cm The goddess of the family - the protector of people from all evil "Domestic" goddess who protects the home, small children and the well-being of the family. She is a symbol of fertility, motherhood and abundance. Motanki may vary slightly from the photo as each doll is made individually

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Now that's a motanka! Pin if you love those as much as we do! #cobblestonefreeway #culturetours #adventuretour #traveltoukr… | Folk doll, Spirit dolls, Sewing dolls

Sep 21, 2014 - Now that's a motanka! Pin if you love those as much as we do! #cobblestonefreeway #culturetours #adventuretour #traveltoukraine #travelinspiration #motanky #ukiefashion

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Ясна льон, домоткане полотно, муліне 27 см Yasna flax, linen, thread muline 27cm Motanka is the toy and the averter. There is the opinion that they appeared in the period of late paleolith. It means that motanka is 7000 years old. In the pre-Christian times motankas were made of the simplest material – hay, pieces of fabric, threads, ribbon. People knew that this doll should look like anybody. The mother, making the doll for her daughter, never dared to draw eyes, nose or lips. Instead of…

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Motanka Dollukrainian Souvenir ukrainian Gift ukrainian - Etsy

Ukrainian motanka is a traditional handmade doll made of fabric and thread. The name "motanka" comes from the Ukrainian word "motati", which means "to twist" or "coil". Motanki is believed to have protective and healing properties, so they are often given to new mothers, children and travelers. Each motanki is unique. Doll height: 25 cm

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