Motorcycle license

Discover how to obtain your motorcycle license and start your thrilling journey on two wheels. Learn the necessary steps and requirements to ride legally and safely.
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We got an email sent in to us about a demographic. Usually we don't bother with these kinds of advertisements, but this one actually struck us as pretty useful for those new to motorcycle group rides. Have a look at these hand signals for motorcyclists before you go out on your next group ride so you know how to communicate with your fellow riders, even without a motorcycle communication system.

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How to Ride a Motorcycle -- via Sports, Bike, Riding, Kickstand, Safety Gear, Handlebar, Safety

If you want to ride a motorcycle, make sure you have any required licenses and safety gear, especially a durable helmet. Lift the kickstand with the back of your foot and start the engine. To accelerate the bike, turn the throttle on the right-hand grip of the bike toward you, and use the handlebars to steer the bike left and right. As you accelerate, use the left foot shifter and the clutch lever on the left handlebar to shift gears. When you’re ready to stop, gradually squeeze the brake…

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