Moving into first apartment

Make your move into your first apartment a breeze with these essential tips. Learn how to plan, pack, and settle in to create your perfect new living space.
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It's time to move into your first apartment and you need all the essentials. We've created a first apartment checklist by room to help you shop for everything necessary for a functional apartment.

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In this guide and checklist, we'll walk you through a list of essentials for your first apartment with cost estimates and handy tips.

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Are you moving in to your first apartment and want to make sure you have everything you need? Having your first apartment is a big milestone in anyone’s life. I remember when I moved into my very first apartment. I was finally an adult! I moved from my parent’s home to a new city and […]

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Everyone has moving horror stories, but there are just some things you don’t think to check until you’ve already signed a lease. Here’s 10 things that should be on everyone’s “must-check” list. 1. Hallway/Doorway Size: Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with great architecture lines of square footage, but sometimes (Even if you buy small furniture) things simply don’t fit in awkward hallways.

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You’ve just graduated from college and landed your first job! Yay! I remember when I moved into my first apartment. I just moved into a new city, and stayed with a friend while I found my first apartment as an official adult. It was a thrilling experience for sure but there was a lot of […]

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